Cairns Refreshing Camp Day4 - School visit & Tarzan Cafe

Fukushima Kids Refreshing Camp Day 4

We visited a local school and Masa at Tarzan Café!
Due to the recent heavy rain, highways were closed and only 5 students could visit the local boys high school, St. Augustine's College.

"What happened in Fukushima in 2011?"

Ms. Yamaguchi asked the students.
"Eruption of volcano!" "Tsunami!" Students answered in their own words.

In 2011, there was an earthquake first, then Tsunami occurred and they caused an accident of the nuclear power plants in Fukushima which was a big disaster... explained Ms. Yamaguchi.

We watched "Be the light" by ONE OK ROCK.

Speech time

Fukushima Kids looked a bit nervous but they did their best to have speeches and boys were listening to them carefully.

After that, local students gave some comments and questions.
"Have you thought about leaving Fukushima?"

Sumire answered
"Yes we have thought it.  But my father couldn't leave Fukushima due to work and we wanted to be together instead of being separated.  We decided to stay in Fukushima."

Mio said
"In my family, my brother evacuated to Nagano because he found some trouble in his health.  We were separated for 3 years."

Some people moved within Fukushima and some people evacuated to the places far from Fukushima within Japan.  Also there were the people who moved out of Japan even though they were not from Fukushima.  We talked about that there were a lot of moves throughout Japan at that time.

Group discussion 
"What is your hobby?"
"What is your dream?"
Everybody was excited and curious!

We joined the ceremony of school.
This ceremony was related to Easter.
We sang a song and watched speeches and stage performances.
This is Mr. McKenzie who is the P.E. teacher.  Actually he can speak Japanese fluently!
The school was big and there was another site across the road which has some special institutes of design and technology.

We joined an Italian class as well.
The theme today was Easter.  We learned what the people in Italy do on Easter.
Eliza is an Italian teacher.  But she said "OK, let's meet up at the Japanese class next!" in Japanese!
She can teach not only Italian but also Japanese!! lol
Ms. Yamaguchi, Ms. Eliza and Mr. McKenzie, thank you very much!
In front of the main gate

After school, we visited Masa, owner of Tarzan Café!
Good afternoon!

At the café, everybody came over to see Fukushima Kids, including Yuka, who is always joining this project as a volunteer, Tomoe and her kids and a local Aussie audience!

There was an exhibition of the Japanese black and white painting on the wall of café.
They are the works of Emi who lives in Melbourne and you can purchase them.
The fund they collect from those works will be sent to Smile with Kids.  Thank you!

We had a glass of beautiful fresh juice.
All the fruits in juice are organic and made in Cairns!

"What do you like?"
"What do you want to do?"
Masa asked gently to kids.

"I want to be a flight attendant."
"I like Karuta (Japanese card game) and I want to be a member of a Karuta team!"

Everyone opened mind and started to talk about their favourites or dreams.

If you continue your favourite things, you will encounter people, opportunities and make your pathway at the end.
Based on his experience, he sowed the seeds of hope on the Fukushima Kids.

Here are the movies of their talk (Japanese)


 27MAR Mahiro Fukuda

What stood out for me today?

I was moved by the words of Masa at Tarzan Café. That made me think again what the "dream" is... We have dreams like "I want to do this!" or "I want to be this!", however in the world, there are the people who wonder if they can live their peaceful and healthy lives until 20 years old. The things which are natural and easy for us can be dreams for them. What can we do for them?

Some reflections

We visited St Augustine's College today. It was a paradise of good looking boys! lol
I found the differences between classes in Japan and in Australia. In Japan, we are not allowed to chat a lot with classmates during the class. However, In Australia, I found that they are encouraged to talk a lot in the class between friends. Actually chatting during the classes is good to share the opinions and have a better communication. That makes it easier. Why doesn't it happen in Japan? It might connect to the comments by Yoshiki and Jun yesterday that we cannot live with only using brains. Japanese education encourages us only inputting the things into our brains. Isn't it right? That's why there are a number of people suffering from communication disorders in Japan. On the other hand, people in Australia or any other countries are more friendly and active. I think that is because the education there let them develop not only their brains but also their hearts. The people in Japan should think about it.

We had a talk with Masa at Tarzan Café. He is an entertainer. I thought I can share some ideas with him. I want to know his contact details, lol. As I wrote above, I thought a lot about the "dream". It was fun.
I want him to come to Japan. He likes a calligraphy so he should like the Japanese black-white paintings as well! I want to show him my work.
I have experienced a lot of things today.

Tuesday, March 27 Day 4
Mio Sagawa

What stood out for me today:

It was my first time to visit an all-boys school. It was really fun.
I thought that school rules were less strict compared to schools in Japan.

Some reflections:

I felt that I was able to convey myself well through speech. I was able to talk about Fukushima and it was a great opportunity.

When we split up into groups and had some conversations (with local students), it was a lot of fun. I think I’m beginning to really improve on my English.

What has changed since coming to Australia is that I’ve become more proactive in speaking with people.

Tuesday, March 27

What stood out for me today:
* Catherine (host mother) took me to nail salon.
* It was my first pedicure experience!!

Some reflections

Today, the school visit got cancelled and I had a free day all of a sudden, but I still had a really great day.
Catherine let me watch some television, and bought a packet of UNO game for us to play together.
She also took me to my first ever pedicure experience. After returning home, we played UNO together, and that was really fun. We played about 32 times. Thank you, Catherine, for such an awesome day.

Tuesday, March 27

What stood out for me today:

We went to all boys school today - it was so fun.
They welcomed me warmly. We chatted a lot and I had a lot of fun folding origami with them.

Some reflections

At Tarzan Cafe, we met Masa san. I loved the way he cheered us on in our dreams and pursuits.

Tonight, we went to a restaurant called Cock & Bull and ate meat dishes. There were lots of steaks. It was delicious.

Tuesday, March 27
Day 4
Sumire Kuge

What stood out for me today:

Today, we visited an all boys school. When we talked to the students there about us, about Fukushima, and when we did our speeches, they all listened really well, and that made me feel very happy.

Some reflections

Today at the school, there was Easter liturgy at the school assembly. There was a person who looked like a priest at the front. Some students came forward to speak, and there were a few students acting out scenes from the bible about Jesus Christ. We sung songs, and the instrumental accompaniment was not just piano but also drums and guitar. I thought that was different from Japan and I was quite surprised.
Also, we got to join in an Italian class, and we learnt about Easter in Italy. In Japan, we don’t celebrate Easter, so I felt that we had some precious experience.

Today when I did speeches, I tried to not look down much, but it wasn’t perfect. I hope that messages about Fukushima got through to students in Australia.

Tuesday, March 27
Day 4
Sumire Noda

What stood out for me today:

* I heard the sound that parrots make today for the first time in my life!
* The pancake that I ate at a cafe that my host family took me today was really delicious!
* When I went to supermarket, there was dog food that was sold for $1 and I was really surprised.

Some reflections:

Today, due to the influence of heavy rain, I was not able to go outside in the morning. However, my host family took me out to cafe and supermarket. It was really fun. I’m thankful that they made the effort to take me out in spite of the rain.

In the afternoon, it settled a bit more with rain, so I was able to meet with everyone at Tarzan Cafe. The juice that I drank there was very delicious. I was surprised to hear that there was about fifteen types of fruit and vegetables in that juice.
Listening to Masa san talk was fascinating. I could listen to him forever.
When I heard him talk, it made me think that as long as I don’t decide that “I can’t do it”, the possibilities are actually endless.
There were some things that I was giving up on about my future. But I feel that I should give it a go again.
I also listened to others talk about their experiences of the disaster, and it made me think a lot.

Wakana Takeda
What stood out for me today:
* Easter liturgy, Christian worship
* What I want to research more about: differences in schools between Japan and Australia
* What I’m thankful about - At the school, I really felt that the teachers and the students there made a great effort in accomodating us, showing us around, and helping us have good exchange there.

Some reflections:

At St Augustine’s College, I was able to have the space to interact with children close to my age. We did introductions and simple question and answers, but there were times I couldn’t understand everything and had to rely on someone to translate for me. I tried my best to be proactive in communicating. During the group chat session, it really made me want to have better English listening skills.
At the Japanese class, there were many students who could speak Japanese well, and I saw that they were trying to speak to us in Japanese, and that made me feel very happy.
During the Q & A session following our speeches, there was a lot of things that made me think. I could not respond much to questions. Even if it’s a very short answer, I thought that I should put up my hand to speak.

In the afternoon, we visited Masa san who runs Tarzan Cafe, and there were a lot of things that I could learn from listening to his life stories, dreams, way of life and way of thinking.

“Continue doing what you love”

This was his message. It made me want to not give up on my dream and take steps towards it.

March 27

What stood out for me today:
* People in Cairns often walk barefoot
* People in Cairns don’t use umbrellas even when it’s raining
* There were road closures due to flooding from rain but host family kept checking again and again if the roads have cleared up, which felt sincere and kind

Some reflections

In the morning, when we went to check the place was flooding, the children that were passing by were shouting happily, “No school today!”. I also shouted “it’s holiday!”.
But after I said that, I realised I actually wanted to go to school.
Tomorrow, I want to enjoy as much as I can!

Extra notes:
* I probably stepped on some pooh today.
* I ate tacos.
* I went into the swimming pool at home. I thought it’s kind of amazing that there’s a swimming pool at home.
* I played with jumping ropes.
* I ate some meat pies.