Day11 Sound and Pastel art ~ Babachan's Talking session~ BBQ with host family

Day 11 Cairns Refresh Camp

Sound Healing

For many of kids, this is first time experience to lie down on the glass.

They really relaxed and it was great see!

When we started this project, we just wanted to kids enjoy beautiful nature in Cairns without any worry and stress.
That is still same and really nice to see kids enjoy nature in Cairns.

They tried as well.

 Thank you very much for yummy Haminton, Yuki.

Thank you Maki W san for yummy banana cake.

Our committee member Junko and Yuki.
Thank you very much for hard work for this project. Really appreciated.

Thank you very much Ryoko san for continous support!

We had lunch with Hiroko and Baba chan.

Thank you very much for yummy cake!

Kids are so happy! 

Baba chan's talking session.
She talked about her war experience when she was 10 years old.

Thank you very much Babachan and Hiroko san.

After babachan's talk, Kids thought it is very important to share their story as Fukushima kids.
It's very important for peace, they said.
They gave message card for Baba chan.

Thank you so much.

 Pastel Art Experience.

 Thank you for beautiful CD Aeka san.

These beautiful arts for Fukushima kids from people from Australia and Japan.

They are so happy! 

They draw these arts! Well done!

 Than you very much for beautiful art for them!

BBQ time on the beach.

After dinner, kids were sharing their feeling.

Fukushima kids were so happy and overwhelmed with their hostfamily.
They were so caring and kind.

Thank you very much all for your kindness and warm support.
We really appreciate it!


Thank you very much Mich san from Learn Japanese for introducing great host family this year again.

Thank you very much everyone.

Taisei Kanno

First impressions:
I'm once again grateful to all the people that were involved.

I was reminded how we were able to come to Cairns thanks to so many people's support.
I'm particularly grateful to my host family. English is not my forte, but they tried to communicate with me by using simple words and Japanese words. On the free day with no planned activities, they took me to night market, bungee jumping and also to the swimming pool that I like. Fukushima is still requiring support for disaster reconstruction, but when we have recovered, I would like to repay the kindness I received.

Yua Kanno

For the first time, I saw Maki san's house.
We prepared the appreciation message boards for the supporters.

This morning, we had a relaxing time and prepared the message boards. We were able to do it in a good atmosphere.
We had bento boxes for lunch! So nice!
And the crème puffs for desserts were also very nice.

After lunch, we listened to Baba san, who told her story about WW2. We learned the sadness, hardness, bitterness and cruelty of war. The story I heard today was one I will never forget for the rest of my life and pass down to future generations to keep world peace. 
We did some pastel art as well. I am not good at drawing! However, I did my best! I drew a cute turtle, a clown fish and the sea. I would like to display the art I received as a gift at home.
We had a BBQ dinner. I raced with some Australian friends (Yuhi's host family) and enjoyed skipping rocks on the water with Yushi. I cut some meat. I found my skill of cutting meat quickly, which I hadn't realised until then. lol.
As we started eating, we started a soccer game. "Team Australian kids & Jun" VS "Fukushima kids & Shota". 

My team unfortunately lost the game, but it was very fun!
After that, we had a little concert. I listened to some music with the flute and the guitar, which was beautiful.
After that, we talked about our memories in Cairns. When I handed my letter to my host family, I couldn't stop crying...
For me, when I noticed, the host family and Cairns itself were really important to me and irreplaceable. Shota san, who taught me about "communication" when I was struggling with English. The people who helped me when I was wondering how to communicate in English.
The host family, who supported me in giving a lift or providing food, etc...
All of this support helped me to make most of my Cairns stay.
"I want to come back to Cairns!!"
I added this on my dream list. I want to improve my English by next time.
On my way home, I fell asleep in the car, while Omar san was singing "Take me Home, Country Road".
At home, I got a lot of gifts from my host family such as clothes, an Australian photo book and some letters. They will all be precious memories!!
Thank you so much, sincerely!!

Miko Kambayashi

Miko Kanbayashi 

Everyone in Cairns are thoughtful. I wrote letters to people who took care of me. I finished and had fun at the end even after I had some problems! It was very good to listen to the precious experience of Baba-chan. As there are less and less people who experienced the war alive, it was really good. it was impressive that Baba-chan was saved with a close call. Thank you for beautiful sweets and accessory! In the pastel art session, they gave me 2 flower paintings. It was very difficult for me so I was surprised at these beautiful paintings! We had bbq with all supporters including host families at night. I couldn't say thank you well as I was too sad to be apart. But I was glad that they were sooo happy when they saw my letter in Japanese and English. When I was happy that they gave me many cute bracelets when I got home.

Yushi Ito

Thank you, everyone in Cairns!

It was the last day in Cairns today. When I looked back those 11 days, I could find fun moments only.
I want to stay in Cairns more. I feel sad.
On the other hand, I am thankful to the people in Cairns, all the supporters, Maki san, Kodama san, Junko san and Fukushima kids members who have been through together. I will come back to Cairns, surely.
Thank you so much.
Brent san and Olivier san, I am sad to go home but we can see again! Thank you!
Hirotaka Kuchiki

I felt relaxed in the Maki's Backyard. 
Lamb was delicious. 
I listened to the war story and I thought we cannot repeat it again. 
I tried pastel art and went well. 
I helped with bbq on the beach. 
I told my thought so far to everyone in Cairns.

Karin Hirakuri

I tried sand art for the first time.

I was the last night in Cairns. I thanked many people. I had so much fun even though I bothered people and received a lot of support.
Today, I cried a lot and got red eyes but I won't cry tomorrow as I promised. I'll come again.

Ayaka Fujii

I enjoyed my first pastel painting. It was a little difficult to paint as I wanted but I tried my best. I felt relaxed and slept with very comfortable sound during the sound healing session. Also listening about the war was precious experience and I felt frightened again. It was very scary that it damaged school backpack. 

I was happy that I saw many people at the bbq but it was sad to say good bye to everyone. Thank you for your support over this project. Everyday was enjoyable and it had been so quick to the end. I felt I want to cry but I try not to as I wanted to finish with smile. I thought this project was fantastic because I was able to share current Fukushima situation and my thought. I also learnt a lot of things through this project. Eg) importance of thinking about others and living together with nature. I had fun every single day.
Cairns is very nice place and I love Cairns. Majestic nature, kind people, there are so many good things about here. Many people told me that I can come back with working holiday visa. I might do it. I re-recognised that Cairns is really nice place today.

Yuhi Watanabe

Yuhi Watanabe

We went to Maki san's house this morning. Ryoko san drove me, Yua and Yushi there. All the members in the car left something at home and Ryoko san went back to everyone's place. Thank you Ryoko san!!
Finally we reached to Maki san's place. First of all, we did a sound healing. I had a relaxing time with calm atmosphere. The time we spent at Maki san's place was really nice and tranquil.

And we had a BBQ as well. All the host families and staff gathered up. To be honest, I cannot believe that this is the last day today. I feel like there are some more days remained.
Everyday, everything was my first experience in my life.
I remember too many things and happenings... for example, I couldn't tell the things in English well... Actually, I didn't believe that I could complete my stay till today.
On the first day at the Narita Airport, I already missed my family a lot. I was not too sure if I could manage to join this camp. However, I am relieved now that I have been staying here with a smile until today.
I made a lot of stupid mistakes, there were a lot of unexpected happenings... I cannot sum up my memories.
I had experiences which I could never forget for the rest of my life.
Thank you very much.

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